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The Joshua Tree Boulder House

Emerge from the ground is the house inspiration concept. Imagination is one of the architect ways to create a masterpiece.
The imagination like a house that has long slept in the desert soil, Joshua Tree Boulder House comes up to the ground, was lovely designed by Garett Carlson, the one of landscape architect from USA. Built with Contemporary style, the house is located in the area that broad enough 1700 square foot in the middle of nature in California. This kind of model of this house was begun from the unique imagination, the house emerged from the ground. So, the house was made and involves big boulder as an important component that supports the idea. Adapting the dessert prettily, the natural surrounding and its exterior seems blending smoothly even using green vegetation roof, the original inhabitants. In the terrace of this unique house, a fireplace raise from the ground that completes the inspiration nicely made of pretty big stones. Photos courtesy of Garett Carlson.