ISEAMI - Modern Home Design - Decor Ideas


This modern house is in the middle of the forest, ISEAMI(Institute of sustainability, ecology, art, mind, and investigation)
has been designed by Robles Arquitectos located in Playa Carete, the Peninsula de Osa, Costa Rica in the middle of the nature. The main concept of the house is to build a low maintenance cost house with new innovations and use SDRA design process (Dynamic System Robles Arquitectos). In the area far away from towns it must be a self-sufficient house especially water and electricity. Mold and plagues are big attention beside energy, the house structure and electro mechanic design was inspired on an exo-skeleton insect. The needs in blending the house and the nature, this house considers passive strategies that set the natural illumination, air windows, and humidity. Recyclable material such as plastic, glass and steel have been chosen for this house element for life-cycle concept. ISEAMI is the house design application that match to build in the tropical climate. Photos by: Sergio Pucci