Meera Sky Garden House - Modern home design - decor ideas

Meera Sky Garden House

This modern home represent the one of green concept of eco-green ecologically property that developed by “Guz Architects” from Singapore.
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This home design known as of “Meera Sky Garden House”, situated in sentosa isle near Singapore. Implementing life stability between residing and natural place, this home was developed with modern contemporary touch but still put vegetation in every level. Entire area of this home seemed like a yard totality looked from an eagle eye, which protected by natural ceiling yard vegetation. Some special of this home, from underground room there is a big fish tank which seems to be as a share in the first ground. Wonderful big garden above rooftops are situated in second ground and also third ground and the greatest ceiling of it. A fish pond that is not too deep with rock chiselling décor is connected on the walls, gives a clean feature in first ground. Picture by: "Patrick Bingham-Hall"
This house roofs grow artistic plants on the outskirts and grasses on the other roof surface where someone can lie down or make an entertainment, it's probably roof garden inspires us to build above our self's house, but be careful on gardening above rooftop.

X curve shaped stairs made of wood design idea