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Nature High-Tech House, Fincube

Fincube, the small contemporary resident was designed by Werner Aisslinger from German, and developed with a South Tyrolian team, it’s created near Bozen, northern Italy 2008, surrounded in a beautiful view of mountains, Dolomite.
Back to nature is the most often expressed recently in this decade, in many aspects, politic, economy, and also influences the house architect and design. Fincube try to combines the nature and the high technology, designed in character of sustainable, transportable. Using the region pine wood (larch and stone-pine) as main material manufactured through handwork make that durable in long lifecycle usage and recyclable structures. Another uniqueness of this house is on the shape, it looks like a mushroom with photovoltaic solar panels toping, slim on the bottom (2 meters soil sealing). Efficient lighting in the daytime, this house has 360-degree triple glazing so that every rooms are able to get natural daylight. Get into this house, kitchen and living joined in one room in house entrance, and bed and bath are on the back side. Complete description and photo visit Fincube and Werner Aisslinger.