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Hover House 3

Hover House 3 the modern contemporary house was designed by Glen Irani Architects from Venice, California. This house was also built near the Venice Canals of Los Angeles, California 2009.
Above a fertile area and surrounded by fresh air are the advantages where its location. At the living area of 232 square meters, Hover House 3 has a wide outdoor space that’s deliberate for maximizing a natural atmosphere by shaping a second floor seems to hover from the ground surface so there’s a part of the first floor shaded from the severity of sunlight without hinder the view of house garden. Natural day light was designed to be free enter inside and illuminate the bright interior by placing a transparent material. Proper big windows and tower above roof top were put in order to fulfill air ventilation requirements. Soundproof material coats the wall makes it calmer inside. Photovoltaic panels support energy needs considering of it place get sunlight enough. This house interior especially color was designed to be able to arouse the spirit and wake your fire up. This house is a Glen Irani Architects inspirational masterpiece.