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Home with Self Abilities Solar Roofpod by CCNY

This modern house with Self Abilities Solar Roofpod designed for urban style that adaptable in the various situations mostly in the big city. So, the architecture and design of this house was built with independent abilities.






Created by team New York for the Department of Energy Solar Decathlon 2011, it was inspired of the fact of urban rooftops are largely under-used. Not only this house are able to be build on the top of building but also can produce solar power, cultivate roof gardens, retain and recycle storm water. Home features a modular dwelling unit design, a rooftop-mounted solar trellis with new photovoltaic technology, a power and water monitor. And the sophisticated technologies on this house include a micro-inverter each solar panel, solar thermal collectors with a radiant floor system, a thermal storage system with paraffin that reduce the size of tank by half. Photo of Solar Roofpod by JimTetro.com.