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Green Roof House in Singapore - The Wall House

Modern Home Singapore Garden Green Roof and Pool The Wall House
The green-roofed house is the work of the great architect Singapore, FARM and was completed in 2013 in Singapore. Land large enough that is about 1000 square meters used for magnificent and luxurious masterpiece. 

Green roof idea:

The Wall House by FARM:

This grass thatched house is basically made ​​up of two blocks combined in one unit, one for retired parents, and the other for children. The formation of the two blocks is also a response to the limitations of available land so as to provide a comfortable space for occupants and flexible enough to perform activities in and outside the home. 

Green Roof House in Singapore - The Wall HouseGreen Roof House in Singapore - The Wall House

Placement of a beautiful park even there is also a garden on the roof (green roof) it able gives a distinct impression and experience on the house. In addition to being a place to freshen up from fatigue, forage can also be used to play a fun place

Like the house in general, space is provided in this home include a bedroom, living room, kitchen and dining area, but the house feels special because there is a wine cellar, library, and also a fairly extensive gardens in also above. Uniqueness is especially striking is located in any room in the house that the occupants can also enjoy the freshness of the greenery, even in all the rooms. 

Combination with some plants are quite large and woody, green roof also looks enhance your home when juxtaposed with a pool and it will look perfect. Green garden in every room also, it would beautify and freshen your interior, either bedroom, bathroom, living room, or other space.

Photographs by © Bryan van der Beek & Edward Hendric