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Truro Residence with Renewable Energy

truro residence with renewable energy
Renewable energy implemented in home design is certainly a form of human wisdom to appreciate nature and to minimize the influence of the environmental damage where the home is domiciled.

This is one example of a home that is often the subject of discussion because it is environmentally friendly. This house was built by the great architect Zeroenergy one who cultivate the development of modern and environmentally friendly. This house is called the Truro Residence, yes indeed located in Truro , Massachusetts. Many advantages of this house , in this case is that this house has a facility that is capable of supporting the adequacy of the need for energy , as very efficient .In general, the concept is applied to reduce the cost of energy is composed of two types, active and passive energy design. This home design also implements both the passive and active .Through some photographs by Eric Roth Photography shows that this house could save lighting with the use of large size glass. With a large glass, the beauty of any home interior can be seen from the outside as well as at the same moment was able to enjoy the beautiful landscape of the house so that adds to the comfort inside the house .On the other hand, some active energy sources are also added to support the housing needs in an efficient, at least composed of solar cell, geothermal heating and cooling system. Renewable Energy is a simple to be done, it even has much wisdom to us all, nature, and our wallets.
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