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Container Home - Nomad Living in Portugal

This shipping container house is designed by Studio Arte architecture & design located in Silves,
Portugal completely constructed in 2013. This inspirational shipping container house has many special advantages and beneficial concepts of how to make house sustainable is.

This is description of Nomad Living by Studio Arte architecture & design:

“The first realized proto types are located at : Vale da Vila & at the test field /Lab of studio arte Silves, Algarve, Portugal

This mobile FLEX living PLUG & PLAY concept is our economic domicile solution that can serves various options;

a start up for young home owners
a holiday home
a concept for holiday resort planners
a shed for your guests
a home office the wished music boom box home studio
a pop up shop a hotel room

History has taught us that certainty cannot be given, but a change in lifestyle can.

At Studio ARTE we are fascinated by ancient nomad tribes,such as the gypsies, vagabonds, travelling ninjas and; all of them embrace their nomadic lifestyle, without almost any kind of luxury gadgets.

Nowadays it seems we are living as urban nomads – due to the adapted use of new technologies such as the Iphone, Ipad & Tablets & Androids.

Our vision to modern nomad living consists of a re-adjustment of nomadism into a sustainable, economic and ecological architecture lifestyle.

As well it could feature a smart answer to local bureaucratic building regulations, yes it is mobile and flex.

For this concept we have selected second hand 40ft high cube shipping containers and former Sales Cabines.

Those will function as structural shell that can be transformed by adding all various architectural, mechanical and engineering features, which at the end can provide all the necessary comfort.”

Photos by Studio Arte