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Cross Box House with Simple Interior Design

Box House Ideas

Cross Box House with Simple Interior Design
Clement Gillet Architecte Container
Box House Ideas - French Architect firm Clément Gillet (CG Architectes) designs a modern house made of four 40 feet shipping containers.
Above 1,120 square feet in Pont Péan, France, this house is suitable for a single family residence. Eco friendly and sustainable housing are the advantages of the house architecture, beside the main attention of this project is to make a solution for answering the challenge of low cost housing with environmental issues, the architect said. Industrial architectural housing approach as a way to construct the house in lower cost.
clement gillet architecte container
industrial housing construction, arrange four chipping containers into two boxes
box house ideas
constructing the cross box house made of cargo containers

Looking at the facade, layered two big boxes are the main construction. Green and black colored boxes recycled from old shipping containers with touching of garden lanscape and roof top garden provide modern house exterior with environmental friendly housing. Beautiful courtyard decorate a shaded entrance and a carpark site under the crossing of the shipping containers.

simple box house
 modern shipping container house with courtyard, the cross box
modern box house
a carport and a shaded entrance under the crossing box of the house
a carport and a shaded entrance
a carport and a shaded entrance

The house interior:

Entering the two floors house, living room with simple modern design situated in the first floor. On the second floor, three comfortable bedrooms are also presented with simple modern interior. Simple decoration give a cozy looking to the rooms.
box house interior design
living room with simple modern design style
box modern house
simple modern living room with tv and aquarium
box home design
simple small lounge space design

Photographer: Javier Callejas

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