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The Works of Vertical Garden Design Indoor and Outdoor

Vertical garden is one of the solutions to decorate a building which has a variety of benefits for freshness around the building.
This decoration is also often referred to as a green wall, the garden is arranged vertically and there is also a growing media such as soil for plant paste. Few examples of attractive green wall and can be used as a beautiful vertical garden idea, some work of green wall from Vertical Garden Design.

Vertical garden in Stockholm hospital, planting various types of flowering crops Begonia,
Aeschynanthus and Strepthocarpus, the large Hedychium gardnerianum, fragrant Elettaria cardamomum.
beautiful vertical garden design idea

Indoor vertical garden in Superstudio in Dubai. L-shaped green wall in the corner of relaxing room, fresh, could add colors to the interior especially when the plants are flowering. The plants include grass-like Rhipsalis, a mix of mostly begonias, peperomias and streptocarpus.

indoor vertical garden in superstudio
Mounted vertical garden inside an office in Oslo. This garden decorate small space of the office, and beautify a kitchen bellow.
vertical garden inside an office
A restaurant with vertical garden covering the kitchen room in Lisbon. Many varieties of Rhipsalis, Ficus, Begonia and Streptocarpus, dark leaved Alocasia and Anthurium give a big impression.
restaurant with vertical garden
indoor vertical garden in restaurant
indoor vertical garden restaurant
indoor vertical garden restaurant
That some beautiful indoor vertical garden, the works by Vertical Garden Design. More information please visit the official website of the landscape architect at
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