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Modern House with Pool - H3 - 314 Architecture Studio

Saturday, July 02, 2022
Modern House with Pool - H3 - 314 Architecture Studio
modern cool house
Modern Cool House - This modern home with futuristic shape of facade named H3 was built by 314 Architecture Studio, located in Athens, Greece.
The color combination is quite firm, modern house with a pool will look attractive especially this house still add green color combination of the park that surrounds that can cool the views, plus exterior of this modern home support for activities designed with the same theme.

H3 by 314 Architecture Studio:

“This private house of a total 1000m2 (10,800 square feet) is located on a plot of land of 7000m2 (75,400 square feet). The house was designed in order to give the sense of hovering over the water and sailing, inspired by the owners’ love for yachts. The bioclimatic design of the residence, the cooling feeling of the house through the contact of water and the use of sun and the geothermic energy are consistent in developing a highly dynamic and modern but also eco friendly design." 
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Stone House in Anavissos by Whitebox Architects

Tuesday, June 07, 2022
Stone House in Anavissos by Whitebox Architects

Whitebox Architects

elegant house design Stone House in Anavissos
Elegant house design Stone House
2013 in Athens, Greece, Whitebox Architects has completed StoneHouse in Anavissos, as the house name it majority embedded stones to the house interior and exterior. This house design not only accommodates a family of four but also the home facade is elegant. This two floors modern home was design by the team of Panagiotis Kokkalidis, Aliki Triantafillidoy, Anna Drella who combine the interior and exterior with one style, stone house. 
This house features the low energy consumption and large space where the kids able to play within mother supervision while she’s working. Indoor and outdoor facilities provide entertainment and relaxation by playing, swimming, doing party, or just sit and see the panorama while breathing of fresh air. More information please read the Whitebox Architects statement about Stone House in Anavissos below the pictures.