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Casa Blanca with Modern Interior & Furniture by Martin Dulanto Sangalli

Tuesday, February 23, 2021
Casa Blanca with Modern Interior & Furniture by Martin Dulanto Sangalli

Modern Shipping Container House - WFH by Argency

Thursday, November 13, 2014
Modern Shipping Container House - WFH by Argency
 Modern Shipping Container House - WFH by Argency
WFH House is a work house made of shipping containers with a modern style that is quite simple and sustainable.

This modern shipping container house made by Argency in 2012 is located in the area of Wuxi, China. With a blend of elegant style, this house also emphasizes flexibility, reliability, sustainability, and playfulness well in shape, color, and placement of each room are presented.

WFH House by Arcgency:


The design is based on Nordic values. Not only according to architecture, but also design objects. These values are defined as:
Build for people, human values. – Good daylight conditions, different types of light.

Reliable (long term) solutions. – Healthy materials, recyclable materials, design for disassembly strategies.
Materials that age gracefully.
Access to nature, greenery.
Minimalistic look.
Sustainable global housing

The WFH concept is a modular concept, based on a design principle, using 40 feet high cube standard modules as structural system.
The structure can be adapted to local challenges such as climatic or earthquake issues.
Online customization-tools give clients the possibility to decide their own version of the house concerning layout, size, facade, interior etc.
The configuration happens within a predefined framework that will ensure high architectural value and quality of materials. Building-components are prefabricated and on site construction can be limited.

FLEX space

The FLEX space is the heart of the house. It contains the living room, kitchen and can be used for multiple purposes.
Parts of the room are double height, creating perfect lighting conditions. The rest of the space is one story height, defined by the landing that creates access to the spaces on the second floor. In each end of the FLEX space there is access to the surroundings and daylight.
The boundary between inside and outside disappears, when the doors open. This is a fundamental part of the design; to be able to open let nature in.
It is a consequence of having varying requirements for inside temperature and definitions of what domestic functions takes place inside and outside.


The geometry of the FLEX space is defined by the two rows of modules, and can easily be modified to specific wishes regarding size.
The FLEX space has a number of possible solutions for subdivisions. Both on one plan or two plans. It can also be one big space, creating a lot of light and openness. The kitchen elements are built into the wall (into the technical module).
It creates more floor space and also makes connection to water and plumbing easy. The kitchen can also be extended with at freestanding element, defining the work area of the kitchen.
From the FLEX space there is access to all spaces. This eliminates square meters used for logistics. It is possible to make larger openings from the FLEX space into the rooms, again creating flexible solutions within the same system.

The landing creates access to the second floor, but can also be used as a space for play, relaxation or work.
It gives the inhabitant the possibility to draw back, but still enjoy the company of people in the house.
You are in the FLEX space, but because you are on the first floor you are drawn back from the action. It is an ideal place for a quiet retreat and still being able to observe what is going on in the house.”

The size of the bedrooms is defined by the half of a module (15m2). There are four bedrooms, and they can be used for multiple purposes: A parent’s bedroom, kid’s bedroom, workspace etc.
Three of the rooms have windows on two facades, creating a mixed light. It is possible to remove the wall, or part of it, facing the FLEX space. This adds flexibility to the layout and shows the structural systems ability to adapt do different needs.

Singapore Contemporary House with Futuristic Green Roof

Saturday, September 06, 2014
Singapore Contemporary House with Futuristic Green Roof
Singapore Contemporary House with Futuristic Green Roof
Singapore Contemporary House with Futuristic Green Roof
Green roof can beautify a house, it may be a solution to make healthy environment around us.
Many sources of green roof idea you could ever get, both architects, green roof installation services and parks, as well as inspiration from information in the form of articles and photographs of green roof ideas through the internet, classic to stylish home furnishings. Unity between garden, home design, green roof, and home interior can add value of comfort.
This is a contemporary house decorated with futuristic green roof are served by a-dlab from Singapore in 2013 and named Andrew Road. The house located in Singapore designed on unique garden in the form of slopping green roof, vertical garden, and the plants hanging down on one side of the upper level. This contemporary home able to reduce and reflect sound coming from street so it would give relax and privacy.

Photographs by Derek Swalwell
Singapore Contemporary House with Futuristic Sloping Green Roof and Pool on a storey below the street level
Singapore Contemporary House with Futuristic Green Roof slopping landscape

Andrew Road by a-dlab:

Singapore Contemporary House with Futuristic Green RoofSingapore Contemporary House with Futuristic Green Roof“Situated in the well-known Caldecott region of central Singapore, this bungalow by A D Lab enjoys the relaxed atmosphere of its quaint residential neighbourhood with gorgeous views of the MacRitchie Reservoir, one of the nation’s most popular nature reserves. The architects, however, had to contend with the site’s proximity to a busy highway, that although is not visible from the site, creates a significant amount of noise. The undulating terrain of the neighbourhood is quite unusual in Singapore, and creates a streetscape whereby the plots of land are about a storey below the street level. As such, each house along the street is entered from the second storey level. The architects took advantage of this unusual situation to lower most of the communal facilities down into a sunken court that shields them from the noise of the highway, as well as heightens the level of privacy and intimacy of the house.
Singapore Contemporary House with Futuristic Green Roof
Singapore Contemporary House with Futuristic Green RoofFrom the external entrance of the house, the architectural expression is very understated. The architects kept the built form above street level as ground-hugging as possible by making the roofs appear as folds and peels in the landscape. This understated expression is further assisted by the folding of the roof downward toward the outer edges of the house. The internal spatial expression of this tilting roof form gives the opposite experience, whereby the entrance to the spaces are low and rise upward from the entry, creating the sensation of an enlarging, grand internal room that simultaneously leads the eyes upward to the sky, as well as downward to the intimate central courtyard below. The undulating and folding roof form is covered in turf, further defining it as a continuation of the surrounding green landscape. At certain locations, the roof folds up from the earth level to allow wind and light into the sunken courtyard.
Singapore Contemporary House with Futuristic Green Roof
In another move to increase privacy, A D Lab encircles the main rooms at all levels with circulation space that acts as noise buffers. The corridors and staircases wrap around the outer perimeter of the house, focusing the view from the rooms towards the central courtyard, as well as creating a sense of drama about the movement of a person through the house. The “viewer” moves through the house via these corridors that are at times hidden hallways behind the rooms and at other times open out to theatrical balcony-like spaces that view down to the garden and main living spaces.
Singapore Contemporary House with Futuristic Green Roof
Singapore Contemporary House with Futuristic Green RoofThe owner lives in this house with his parents, so this network of hidden and detached corridors allows the inhabitants the flexibility of moving around the house either subtly or in full view depending on the varying social situation and need for privacy. The central courtyard is a private and serene oasis. A luxurious swimming pool cools the courtyard along with a series of indoor and outdoor water features that separate the main public rooms from each other and bring the pool element into the house itself.”
Singapore Contemporary House luxurious central pool
Singapore Contemporary House - interior design - a striking red color seat
Singapore Contemporary House - interior design - beautiful color combination of chair, stairs, floor, wall, and landscape
Singapore Contemporary House - interior design - bright stone accent in the kitchen and dark combination
Singapore Contemporary House - interior design - bright landscape and dark meeting / dining set combinationSingapore Contemporary House - interior design - lounge deisgn
Singapore Contemporary House - interior design - slopping wall and stairs with natural light coming from large glass wall
Singapore Contemporary House - interior design - luxurious white bathroom furniture and dark floor with natural lightSingapore Contemporary House - interior design - luxurious white bathroom furniture and dark floor with natural light
Singapore Contemporary House - interior design - luxurious white bathroom furniture and dark floor with natural light

Small House, 1220 by Alex Nogueira

Wednesday, June 11, 2014
Small House, 1220 by Alex Nogueira

contemporary small house design 1220
Alex Nogueira has designed completely a small house that named 1220 in 2013.
This small house is located in Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil. These images of small house photographed by Andre Barbosa we can get a lot of home design inspirations and bellow there are some description about 1220 by the designer.

Small House, 1220 by Alex Nogueira:

contemporary small house garden 1220The search for simplicity, bowing to the canons of the past , the clear intention of using architecture as a path of territory and form of expression of “difference”… These are some of the requirements that guided the program under (intentionally or not) , much as metallic structure is common for many years, are easily countable copies directed to peripheral housing present in this town (Campo Grande/MS, even next a million people, values the “conventionality”), the geometric and strongly orthogonal character, partly, perhaps, of a controlling nature, fruit of modernism (however this is not a feature of the most admirable) or personality (for more than that is not a characteristic of the most admirable).
contemporary small house ideas 1220The highest bidder soil binds the plot more generously on the bottom, where a glass door which accounts for almost the entire rear facade, gives access to the deck, and continuous view of the garden, the place where heaven and a yellow sculpture made with the leftovers of the metal structure (profiles ” I” Gerdau) dominate micro landscape (the particular universe). This large aperture for background contrasts sharply with the hermetic and closed front, both for privacy and solar protection, where a cloth horizontal metal of brises addresses these and other issues.
small bedroom in the small house 1220The structure is apparent and mixed, both concrete and metal profiles are part of the aesthetic proposal, both for its inherent visual appearance and explained either by the vain and balances achieved, a game that tries to be subtle and objective.
small house ideas - small kitchen - small bedroom 1220
small bedroom and kitchen in the small house 1220Integrator with a strong desire to plant boils down modulated in a large environment that splits into three basic needs: live, feed and rest, as usually happens, the furniture play a key role in setting and “fragmentation” of these spaces. The bathroom is the only room isolated, and even hydraulic wall dividing the kitchen, their access is returned to the room. 45 square meters (484 square feet) reflect a proposed small private ambitions, few lines, few materials, environments, and a little bit of personality.

small house ideas:

Transportable House, Hypercubus
Eco Friendly Home - Green Zero House
Simple House Solution Urban and Nature, Loftcube
Nature High-Tech House, Fincube

Sustainable Home in Connecticut by Joeb Moore+Partners

Saturday, March 01, 2014
Sustainable Home in Connecticut by Joeb Moore+Partners
In 2010, Joeb Moore + partners designed a sustainable home completely, this sustainable home is called the 173 Park Street Residence in New Canaan, Fairfield, Connecticut.

Sustainable home project was implemented above 5300 square foot to this contemporary home styled. Luxurious shape and fresh sensed interior are very interesting points of the home. Beside those two points, sustainability was applied proudly to increase the home value.

173 Park Street Residence by Prutting & Company:

Philosophy and Goals

The goal of the townhouse is to construct a “state of the art” building, incorporating contemporary and “green” technologies and products directed by world-class design.  By incorporating these features with a prime location in the heart of downtown New Canaan, this project caters to the luxury home consumer valuing in-town convenience with modern amenities and features.


This project has a modern, flexible floor plan with all the amenities.  There is a large, multifunctional lower level with a zoned apartment.  Amenities include three fireplaces, central vacuum and high-performance appliances, and a spa master bath including a steam sauna and a whirlpool.  This project also has an extensive roof top lifestyle program including an exterior deck with a hot tub, cookout center and a fireplace.  There is an elevator encouraging this program which travels from the lower level to roof top.


The building is supported by a concrete foundation with a structural steel frame and poured concrete decks. There is also interior steel and engineered lumber wall framing.  The modern geometric exterior is achieved by zinc panels and cedar wood wall cladding and detailing.


The townhouse achieved LEED Silver certification by its use of several “green” technologies including thermal massing radiant floors with central air conditioning.  The use of photovoltaics supplements electric and solar-heated water.  Water is also recycled through a roof water collection system and sprinkler system. Lutron lighting control systems and wiring for motorized window treatments create a comfortable living environment in addition to the alarm system and stereo system incorporated into the project.

Windows & Doors

Natural lighting is also factored into the project as a means of being ecologically responsible. High performance glazing is used with European Lift & Slide door unites and casement windows. Also incorporated into the project are a roof sky window, custom 2” interior doors, and high grade hardware.

Millwork & Finishes

The interior detailing and crisp joinery gives a clean, modern look using natural finished Sycamore Millwork, European ceramic/porcelain tiles, Caesarstone countertops, and European oak engineered wood flooring.


Central to creating a specialty home is the well designed garden and hardscape plan, with custom designed decks, patios, water features, and a fountain.


This 5,300 square foot home with a cost of $4 million is a smashing, elegant 21st century building with intelligent and well-conceived design.”

modern home

contemporary pool

contemporary home

contemporary home


living room

kitchen design

kitchen design

wooden interior


glass stairsglass stairs windows

glass stairs windows

white bathroom design

wardrobe design

wood sauna room design

Photos by: Michael Biondo  Source: Prutting & Company