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Kitchen Trends 2021 - Make Your World Alive

Thursday, April 29, 2021 0
Kitchen Trends 2021 - Make Your World Alive
Kitchen Trends 2021 - What is trending in kitchens 2021? The innovations from the kitchen manufacturers for 2021 provide for a lot of real wood, dark kitchen tones and an elegant appearance of the kitchen with uniform grid dimensions and mitred materials.

There is also a lot going on in the interior cabinet area thanks to functional storage space systems. Even appliances are increasingly moving behind sliding doors to create a calm, harmonious kitchen look. In some places, however, the suitability for everyday use falls a little behind the beautiful design.

Kitchen Trends 2021 Make Your World Alive
Kitchen Trends 2021 Make Your World Alive 2

Kitchen Trends 2021 Make Your World Alive 3

Overview of the Kitchen Trends 2021 with 11 important trend topics

1. Kitchen Trends 2021 - Blue Kitchens

Relies on a strong midnight blue that takes up the entire kitchen front and, thanks to the smooth Fenix ​​surface, remains pleasantly matt and inconspicuous. In its newly designed in-house exhibition for the kitchen trends 2021, there are also presenting two new, very intense shades of blue: sapphire blue and violet-blue are shown there on large-format kitchen units.

If you are wondering about so much blueprint, let me tell you: the color of the year 2020 is " Classic Blue "- and whether its timeless character will probably still be popular in 2021.

Kitchen Trends 2021 Blue Kitchens
Sidekix Media
Kitchen Trends 2021 Blue Kitchens 2
Vinvent Erhart
Kitchen Trends 2021 Blue Kitchens 3
Zsofi Perganczky

2. Kitchen Trends 2021 - Living Worlds and Home Offices from The Kitchen Manufacturer

Last year you could see how much the kitchen manufacturers across rooms in the residential segment venture. The starting point is the fusion of kitchen and living room, which has been proclaimed for years, which has led to kitchen furniture manufacturers also presenting sideboards, showcases, and dining room furniture to match their respective collections.

This year, many kitchen manufacturers are going one step further: the utility room, walk-in dressing room, and hall wardrobe are often joined by the design of the omnipresent " home office " theme.

Kitchen Trends 2021 Living Worlds and Home Offices

Kitchen Trends 2021 Living Worlds and Home Offices 2

Kitchen Trends 2021 Living Worlds and Home Offices 3

3. Kitchen Trends 2021 - Real Wood Fronts

The return of real wood to the kitchen space is not just surprising in the wake of the kitchen trends in 2021 - in fact, the warm, fragrant, natural element has been on the rise again for several years. Was wooden but first as a homely component, rough concrete optics and fine natural stone combined to smooth matt coating - and this example as an open shelf instead of the wall unit used - so this year are a lot of wood tones in the front design to locate.

It is true that reproductions of wood as fronts will be an indispensable part of the furniture manufacturer's range in 2021 for cost reasons alone. Yet the producers are investing in a striking amount of (sustainable) wood, which often processed mitred edges ennoble every kitchen image.

However, nobody really likes to answer the question of sensitivity in the kitchen space. This is always the case with wood, they say, the material is and will remain sensitive and should not be used in the kitchen island if the hob is installed there. As mentioned at the beginning: Design is actually not always functional.

Kitchen Trends 2021 Real Wood Fronts

Kitchen Trends 2021 Real Wood Fronts 2

Kitchen Trends 2021 Real Wood Fronts 3

Kitchen Trends 2021 Real Wood Fronts 4

Kitchen Trends 2021 Real Wood Fronts 5

Kitchen Trends 2021 Real Wood Fronts 6

4. Kitchen Trends 2021 - Dark Interiors

Not new, but increasingly in the range of kitchen trends for 2021, the trend towards dark kitchen rooms and their interiors can be seen. This not only applies to the real wood fronts described above, which are smoked, carbon-coated or directly painted black, but also to other materials.

Kitchen Trends 2021 Dark Interiors

Kitchen Trends 2021 Dark Interiors 2

5. Kitchen Trends 2021 - Taller Bodies Stretched Look

It's not just “Black is beautiful” this kitchen year - “ big is beautiful ” too. For the kitchen trends in 2021, all manufacturers are turning to higher, continuous fronts that follow a uniform pattern (wood, glass, stone) over an impressive length from the outside.

This goes hand in hand with increased carcase heights, which on the one hand should offer more comfort for tall people and on the other hand make the entire kitchen look more graceful and slender.

However, the elegant look is not equally practical everywhere. In some cases, it has been shown that a continuous pull-out door pulls open several drawers at the same time and that this load is extremely shaky. With a high loading force, it seems more sensible to rely on several pull-outs and to accept a divided front view.

Kitchen Trends 2021 Taller Bodies

6. Kitchen Trends 2021 - Connector Systems for The Rear Wall

The design of the kitchen rear wall has always been a concern of kitchen manufacturers as well as producers of surfaces and worktops. After luxury kitchen manufacturer bulthaup long on so-called " functional panels sets" for the wall design can be in that kitchen utensils and pots of herbs hung, now become consider other kitchen manufacturers.

Inspiration may be the current hype about the “ THE WALL ” plug-in system, which works with current-carrying rails along with the rear wall niche and thus enables the user to freely (w) position light, charging stations, knife blocks, spice holders, and much more.

Kitchen Trends 2021 Connector Systems for The Rear Wall

7. Kitchen Trends 2021 - Pocket Cabinets for Stowing (Small) Devices

Pocket cabinets have been in the range of well-known kitchen manufacturers for several years, and yet they are only now being used functionally. Where there used to be space to put down small devices, these can now even be connected and used - for better handling using an extendable shelf.

This is suitable for stand mixers, coffee machines, and kitchen machines that otherwise take up valuable space on the worktop. An 8 mm thick rear wall, can offer the option of integrating sockets in the pocket cabinet and thus operating the devices from there.

Kitchen Trends 2021 Pocket Cabinets

8. Kitchen Trends 2021 - Sliding Door Systems for The Closed “Open” Kitchen

Speaking of hiding: the popular open kitchen is being hidden more and more often. This may be due to the basic architectural understanding of a puristic and linear kitchen space, which should be integrated uniformly into the living space.

In other words: where devices interrupt the vertical or horizontal lines of a kitchen model, kitchen manufacturers use sliding door systems with which devices can be hidden behind sliding doors if necessary. Of course, the whole thing also works with pocket cupboards.

Advantages for kitchen buyers: the sliding doors of the kitchen can also be used in the rest of the living space and thus create a uniform overview.

Kitchen Trends 2021 Sliding Door Systems

9. Kitchen Trends 2021 - Fenix ​​in Muted Colors

It has been three years since the super-matt nano-surface Fenix ​​appeared on the German-speaking kitchen market. The laminate consists of innumerable nanoparticles, the structure of which is so even, pore-free and soft that the material not only feels good but also has an impenetrable matt sheen and is extremely resistant.

Almost all well-known kitchen manufacturers now rely on the anti-fingerprint effects from Fenix and the opaque, light-absorbing reflections of the Fenix ​​surfaces.

Kitchen Trends 2021 Fenix ​​in Muted Colors

10. Kitchen Trends 2021 - Floating Kitchens (elements)

More than ever, manufacturers and designers are focusing on the arrangement of the individual kitchen elements. Wall-mounted kitchen units, which give the impression of floating, are not entirely new but are now increasingly being focused on. Some kitchen manufacturers admit that heavy load carriers are used in the exhibition, which is probably difficult to implement in private households.

The slimmed-down version is available with so-called “ frames ” made of natural stone or laminate, which are designed as a square cube be hung on the wall and surround the oven or steamer. This loosens up the rigid wall cabinet ensemble and gives every kitchen room a basic architectural idea.

Different carcase depths and heights result in additional variance in kitchen planning. If you want to be on the safe side and still want to benefit from the floating kitchen body, you can choose the kitchen on runners or strongly recessed kitchen plinths that imitate a "floating" kitchen island.

Kitchen Trends 2021 Floating Kitchens

Kitchen Trends 2021 Floating Kitchens 2

11. Kitchen Trends 2021 - Linear Design Framework

By the way: a varied kitchen design with different materials, colors, and carcase depths requires a stringent cabinet structure - externally as well as in the internal cabinet system. To this end, more and more kitchen manufacturers are carefully mitring them, thereby underlining the high quality of their plans.

Kitchen Trends 2021 Linear Design Framework

Conclusion on The Kitchen Trends 2021 : Perfection Down to The Last Detail

There is a lot of perfection in detail in the air. Continuous fronts, black-colored hinges and screws, ever better customization options: all of this is not entirely new, but is now increasingly being promoted and gives the kitchen an increasingly homely, elegant flair.

In addition, customers and dealers receive a wide range of new design options with the new living space elements from sideboards to home offices. It is worth browsing through the retailers' programs individually and getting advice on new surface colors and materials. Muted tones in beige, metal, gray, white and black still play the dominant role. Cleverly integrated cabinet systems for more storage space ensure that functionality in 2021 does not have to take a back seat to design.

The omnipresent role of the kitchen in your own four walls will increase again in the coming year; cocooning has long since started. How much homeliness - or rather, the famous “cosiness” - falls by the wayside in the manufacturers' sophisticated kitchen designs, everyone has to answer for themselves.

Sustainable Home in Connecticut by Joeb Moore+Partners

Saturday, March 01, 2014
Sustainable Home in Connecticut by Joeb Moore+Partners
In 2010, Joeb Moore + partners designed a sustainable home completely, this sustainable home is called the 173 Park Street Residence in New Canaan, Fairfield, Connecticut.

Sustainable home project was implemented above 5300 square foot to this contemporary home styled. Luxurious shape and fresh sensed interior are very interesting points of the home. Beside those two points, sustainability was applied proudly to increase the home value.

173 Park Street Residence by Prutting & Company:

Philosophy and Goals

The goal of the townhouse is to construct a “state of the art” building, incorporating contemporary and “green” technologies and products directed by world-class design.  By incorporating these features with a prime location in the heart of downtown New Canaan, this project caters to the luxury home consumer valuing in-town convenience with modern amenities and features.


This project has a modern, flexible floor plan with all the amenities.  There is a large, multifunctional lower level with a zoned apartment.  Amenities include three fireplaces, central vacuum and high-performance appliances, and a spa master bath including a steam sauna and a whirlpool.  This project also has an extensive roof top lifestyle program including an exterior deck with a hot tub, cookout center and a fireplace.  There is an elevator encouraging this program which travels from the lower level to roof top.


The building is supported by a concrete foundation with a structural steel frame and poured concrete decks. There is also interior steel and engineered lumber wall framing.  The modern geometric exterior is achieved by zinc panels and cedar wood wall cladding and detailing.


The townhouse achieved LEED Silver certification by its use of several “green” technologies including thermal massing radiant floors with central air conditioning.  The use of photovoltaics supplements electric and solar-heated water.  Water is also recycled through a roof water collection system and sprinkler system. Lutron lighting control systems and wiring for motorized window treatments create a comfortable living environment in addition to the alarm system and stereo system incorporated into the project.

Windows & Doors

Natural lighting is also factored into the project as a means of being ecologically responsible. High performance glazing is used with European Lift & Slide door unites and casement windows. Also incorporated into the project are a roof sky window, custom 2” interior doors, and high grade hardware.

Millwork & Finishes

The interior detailing and crisp joinery gives a clean, modern look using natural finished Sycamore Millwork, European ceramic/porcelain tiles, Caesarstone countertops, and European oak engineered wood flooring.


Central to creating a specialty home is the well designed garden and hardscape plan, with custom designed decks, patios, water features, and a fountain.


This 5,300 square foot home with a cost of $4 million is a smashing, elegant 21st century building with intelligent and well-conceived design.”

modern home

contemporary pool

contemporary home

contemporary home


living room

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kitchen design

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glass stairsglass stairs windows

glass stairs windows

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Photos by: Michael Biondo  Source: Prutting & Company

Waverley Residence, Sydney

Sunday, October 06, 2013
Waverley Residence, Sydney
Waverley Residence, Sydney
Energy is important key that must be an object interested in concept and designing a house, not only elegance and good looking but also health - such as air flow, light supply - ought to effect its own comfort. Anderson Architecture has designed Waverley Residence where is laid in Waverley, a suburb region of Sydney, Australia. This contemporary house design determines and applies the house energy needs, one of them is passive solar using. See inside the house, the elegant modern interior is arranged and combined to passive solar technique, ant thermal modeling.
Waverley Residence by Anderson Architecture:
“This project is our most thermally efficient house to date, developed through the use of in house computerized thermal modeling.

The house requires very little heating or cooling, utilizing passive solar techniques, internal thermal mass and natural ventilation to maintain a comfortable, healthy indoor environment.

A challenging aspect, with excessive western exposure and a large existing building to the north, helped define the lofty roof forms which capture northern light.
A run down weatherboard house in Waverley, with a large neighbour immediately to the north, seems an unlikely starting point for contemporary family home featuring exemplar environmental credentials. This however was the brief from the clients who requested a warm and modern 4 bedroom house with a strong connection to the outdoors and minimal reliance on artificial heating, cooling and lighting.
The project was conceived from the outset with sustainability at the core of the design, despite site restrictions which encouraged creative solutions to meet performance goals. Natural materials and finishes feature extensively to balance and harmonise with the technical and mineral elements required by contemporary standards for a completely modern and integrated sustainable design outcome.
Extensive computer modelling was used to confirm principles and develop the passive solar design, resulting in an 8 star certification. This modelling highlighted the limitations imposed by a 3 storey northern neighbour on passive solar potential, and led to a C-Bus controlled active design, featuring operable shading, ventilation, day-lighting and heating/cooling elements regulated by numerous internal and external temperature, rain, light and wind sensors.
A holistic approach integrated elements such as external shading, operable roof, thermal mass/structural walls, exposed concrete floor, natural materials and shade planting into the overall design concept resulting in many items performing multiple tasks to further reduce total material consumption while reinforcing design principles.
Rainwater storage, onsite stormwater detention and near complete site permeability greatly reduced the properties impact on the natural hydrological cycle while supplying the house with much of its water needs. Self sufficiency is enhanced with an inbuilt capacity for grid connected solar PV array and a solar water heating system for domestic water supply and hydronic floor heating.
The end result showcases innovative uses of materials, products and technologies to meet an ambitious design brief and provide an exemplary sustainable residential dwelling, built using a philosophy of passive and active design theory which borrows heavily from both traditional and contemporary technological principles, expanding the potential of existing sites and the future of sustainability in residential architecture.”
Photos by: Nick Bowers
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