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Long Box Brigde House in Australia

Monday, June 20, 2022
Long Box Brigde House in Australia

Brigde House

Jungle House in Australia
Max Pritchard Architect has finished completely a bridge house that sits in Adelaide,
Australia where is on south hemisphere that sun facing from the north in winter. It is called bridge house caused of the structure lays above a creek. This long box shaped house has special technologies for its comfortableness and its warmness. Exploiting the sun in the form of water and room heating also provides energy needs are constructed on it. Photovoltaic panels, water heating, and the others passive energy supplies are installed for the house independence. Photos by Sam Noonan.
Box Brigde House Idea

Bridge House by Max Pritchard Architect:

“An idyllic site of winter creek, billabong, large river red gums, dense wattles and rocky banks called for a house that would “touch the earth lightly”. The solution, a narrow bridge like structure spanning the creek providing the experience of living amongst the trees in an almost untouched beautiful setting.
Winter sun through the north facing windows heats the black concrete floor for re-radiation at night. A wood combustion heater supplements the natural passive heating. Double glazing to the living area helps retain the heat. Perforated steel louvres shade the north windows in summer. The narrow plan form allows cross ventilation and is combined with ceiling fans to provide sufficient cooling for summer comfort. Solar hot water heating and photovoltaic cells positioned on the garage roof compliment the sustainable character of the house.”
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