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Transportable House, Hypercubus

Monday, September 23, 2013
Transportable House, Hypercubus
Transportable House, Hypercubus
Styria, Austria, Studio WG3 shows a home design, Hypercubus with the design team Matthias Gumhalter and Cristian Reschreiter.
This minimalist house has built for tourism uses like an apartment function where it can be stay and spend a vacation. This box-shaped house is designed in unique and contemporary style where it has been equipped with unusual construction shape not only exterior but also the interior. This small house keeps the function trough minimizing the room usage and entertaining with the colorful lighting extension. The main design concepts are based on new design suitable in tourism, the house abilities that can adapt in open area how the house survive with self sufficient, transportable house by built it small house construction.
Architects: Studio WG3
Location: Styria, Austria
Design Team: Matthias Gumhalter, Christian Reschreiter
Karin Lernbeiß

Cornege-Preston House in Martinborough, New Zealand

Wednesday, September 11, 2013
Cornege-Preston House in Martinborough, New Zealand
Contemporary House in Martinborough, New Zeland
Contemporary house called Cornege Preston house has been completely designed by Bonnifait + Giesen.
This one layer house is located in Martinborough, New Zealand lays above about 2000 sq foot of wide grassy land with rural atmosphere. This contemporary house mainly constructed of concrete and wood has many feature to living from its passive energy equipment. Big water tank, solar hot water panels, and the some other features provide the home needs and independence. By entangling the sun energy, this house could minimize and depress the energy extravagance. Interesting interior also becomes the attention of the house making by combining the soft color and the natural accent of wood and other elements for its beauty. Photograph by Paul McCredle.
Cornege-Preston House in Martinborough, New Zeland

Cornege-Preston House by Bonnifait + Giesen:

“The building sits on a one-hectare site of undulating grassland in the town of Martinborough in the Wairarapa region of New Zealand. As part of the project 400 trees were planted in a grid that parallels the site’s boundaries while the 40m x 6m house is angled to follow the gentle undulations of the land. The “landscape grid” enters into the house in the form of decks/garage and courtyards which punctuate the volume. The long façade faces northwest for maximum exposure to winter afternoon sun and, consequently, best passive solar-energy gains.
The key features are:
– Concrete floor and wall construction, with a ‘heat-sink’ (Trombe) wall between the main living area and the guest rooms.
– Water heating by solar Hot water panel on roof topped up by thermostat-controlled electricity.
– Multi-zone underfloor heating (also by thermostat-controlled electricity).
– Double-glazed windows and skylights for cross-room solar penetration and heat retention, with louvres and sliding doors for natural ventilation.
– Wall and ceiling insulation of Wool.
– Seperate Guest Wing with 2 ensuited double bedrooms.
– Views to the surrounding landscape from every room.
– Sustainably harvested macracarpa pine external cladding/decking and Italian poplar ceiling linings for visual warmth and acoustic absorption.
– Two 25,000 litre tanks capturing rainwater (meaning that town supply water usage is about one third of the metered allowance).
– A separately filtered (0.5 micron) and fast-heating water supply in the kitchen.”
Modern House in Martinborough, New Zeland

Contemporary House in Martinborough, New Zeland

Modern House in New Zeland

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Simple House Solution Urban and Nature, Loftcube

Wednesday, November 28, 2012
Simple House Solution Urban and Nature, Loftcube
Simple House Solution Urban and Nature - Loftcube, the simple modern house was designed by Studio Aisslinger compatible everywhere the dweller wants to leave, town or village, above a building or a mountain, down town or middle of forest.