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Meera Sky Garden House

Sunday, February 21, 2021
Meera Sky Garden House
This modern home represent the one of green concept of eco-green ecologically property that developed by “Guz Architects” from Singapore.

Photography House - Interior Design in Singapore

Wednesday, January 21, 2015
Photography House - Interior Design in Singapore
Photography house an apartment in Singapore, as the name there is a special room (dark room) to support the process of photography. Beside that, modern interior is vary attractive and comfortable as possible to be an inspiration. This house is designed by HUE D.

Singapore Contemporary House with Futuristic Green Roof

Saturday, September 06, 2014
Singapore Contemporary House with Futuristic Green Roof
Singapore Contemporary House with Futuristic Green Roof
Singapore Contemporary House with Futuristic Green Roof
Green roof can beautify a house, it may be a solution to make healthy environment around us.
Many sources of green roof idea you could ever get, both architects, green roof installation services and parks, as well as inspiration from information in the form of articles and photographs of green roof ideas through the internet, classic to stylish home furnishings. Unity between garden, home design, green roof, and home interior can add value of comfort.
This is a contemporary house decorated with futuristic green roof are served by a-dlab from Singapore in 2013 and named Andrew Road. The house located in Singapore designed on unique garden in the form of slopping green roof, vertical garden, and the plants hanging down on one side of the upper level. This contemporary home able to reduce and reflect sound coming from street so it would give relax and privacy.

Photographs by Derek Swalwell
Singapore Contemporary House with Futuristic Sloping Green Roof and Pool on a storey below the street level
Singapore Contemporary House with Futuristic Green Roof slopping landscape

Andrew Road by a-dlab:

Singapore Contemporary House with Futuristic Green RoofSingapore Contemporary House with Futuristic Green Roof“Situated in the well-known Caldecott region of central Singapore, this bungalow by A D Lab enjoys the relaxed atmosphere of its quaint residential neighbourhood with gorgeous views of the MacRitchie Reservoir, one of the nation’s most popular nature reserves. The architects, however, had to contend with the site’s proximity to a busy highway, that although is not visible from the site, creates a significant amount of noise. The undulating terrain of the neighbourhood is quite unusual in Singapore, and creates a streetscape whereby the plots of land are about a storey below the street level. As such, each house along the street is entered from the second storey level. The architects took advantage of this unusual situation to lower most of the communal facilities down into a sunken court that shields them from the noise of the highway, as well as heightens the level of privacy and intimacy of the house.
Singapore Contemporary House with Futuristic Green Roof
Singapore Contemporary House with Futuristic Green RoofFrom the external entrance of the house, the architectural expression is very understated. The architects kept the built form above street level as ground-hugging as possible by making the roofs appear as folds and peels in the landscape. This understated expression is further assisted by the folding of the roof downward toward the outer edges of the house. The internal spatial expression of this tilting roof form gives the opposite experience, whereby the entrance to the spaces are low and rise upward from the entry, creating the sensation of an enlarging, grand internal room that simultaneously leads the eyes upward to the sky, as well as downward to the intimate central courtyard below. The undulating and folding roof form is covered in turf, further defining it as a continuation of the surrounding green landscape. At certain locations, the roof folds up from the earth level to allow wind and light into the sunken courtyard.
Singapore Contemporary House with Futuristic Green Roof
In another move to increase privacy, A D Lab encircles the main rooms at all levels with circulation space that acts as noise buffers. The corridors and staircases wrap around the outer perimeter of the house, focusing the view from the rooms towards the central courtyard, as well as creating a sense of drama about the movement of a person through the house. The “viewer” moves through the house via these corridors that are at times hidden hallways behind the rooms and at other times open out to theatrical balcony-like spaces that view down to the garden and main living spaces.
Singapore Contemporary House with Futuristic Green Roof
Singapore Contemporary House with Futuristic Green RoofThe owner lives in this house with his parents, so this network of hidden and detached corridors allows the inhabitants the flexibility of moving around the house either subtly or in full view depending on the varying social situation and need for privacy. The central courtyard is a private and serene oasis. A luxurious swimming pool cools the courtyard along with a series of indoor and outdoor water features that separate the main public rooms from each other and bring the pool element into the house itself.”
Singapore Contemporary House luxurious central pool
Singapore Contemporary House - interior design - a striking red color seat
Singapore Contemporary House - interior design - beautiful color combination of chair, stairs, floor, wall, and landscape
Singapore Contemporary House - interior design - bright stone accent in the kitchen and dark combination
Singapore Contemporary House - interior design - bright landscape and dark meeting / dining set combinationSingapore Contemporary House - interior design - lounge deisgn
Singapore Contemporary House - interior design - slopping wall and stairs with natural light coming from large glass wall
Singapore Contemporary House - interior design - luxurious white bathroom furniture and dark floor with natural lightSingapore Contemporary House - interior design - luxurious white bathroom furniture and dark floor with natural light
Singapore Contemporary House - interior design - luxurious white bathroom furniture and dark floor with natural light

Green Roof House in Singapore - The Wall House

Friday, May 30, 2014
Green Roof House in Singapore - The Wall House
Modern Home Singapore Garden Green Roof and Pool The Wall House
The green-roofed house is the work of the great architect Singapore, FARM and was completed in 2013 in Singapore. Land large enough that is about 1000 square meters used for magnificent and luxurious masterpiece. 

Green roof idea:

The Wall House by FARM:

This grass thatched house is basically made ​​up of two blocks combined in one unit, one for retired parents, and the other for children. The formation of the two blocks is also a response to the limitations of available land so as to provide a comfortable space for occupants and flexible enough to perform activities in and outside the home. 

Green Roof House in Singapore - The Wall HouseGreen Roof House in Singapore - The Wall House

Placement of a beautiful park even there is also a garden on the roof (green roof) it able gives a distinct impression and experience on the house. In addition to being a place to freshen up from fatigue, forage can also be used to play a fun place

Like the house in general, space is provided in this home include a bedroom, living room, kitchen and dining area, but the house feels special because there is a wine cellar, library, and also a fairly extensive gardens in also above. Uniqueness is especially striking is located in any room in the house that the occupants can also enjoy the freshness of the greenery, even in all the rooms. 

Combination with some plants are quite large and woody, green roof also looks enhance your home when juxtaposed with a pool and it will look perfect. Green garden in every room also, it would beautify and freshen your interior, either bedroom, bathroom, living room, or other space.

Photographs by © Bryan van der Beek & Edward Hendric

Contemporary Tropical House by Wallflower Architecture + Design

Monday, April 28, 2014
Contemporary Tropical House by Wallflower Architecture + Design
contemporary tropical house with pool
Wallflower Architecture + Design, an Singapore studio has totally design an amazing home, it called the Travertine that was finished in 2011 located in Serangon, Singapore.
Adapting to the site environment, this contemporary house could be our reverences how to build fresh aired home, sustainable ideas implementing, eco-friendly green inspiration in tropical climate

Travertine Dream House by Wallflower Architecture + Design:
“The client’s brief for this house was simple. Functionally, to maximize usable area and to incorporate greenery. Aesthetically, to use travertine copiously as an architectural finish. Inspired by the Italian urban-scape during his travels, so too would travertine express this house.
The house is organised as two parallel blocks connected by a glass enclosed bridge. The separation between the two blocks allows daylight to stream down to basement spaces. Thick travertine walls and large overhangs are placed on the western side to limit heat gain from the harsh afternoon sun. The entry, living spaces and bedrooms are arranged longitudinally to take advantage of natural cross ventilation and daylight. In order to intensify land use without ending up with an imposing structure, the four storied house has one level sunk into the ground and the other three set away from the access road.
To accommodate as much green and ‘blue’ space as possible, the gardens and water bodies are spread throughout the house. The living and dining areas on the ground floor face a swimming pool and a fish pond. The basement’s entertainment and guest rooms are open to the sky, with natural light and ventilation coming through a sunken moss garden courtyard. The third storey flat roof is both a recreational deck and a roof garden.
The arrival experience is orchestrated by several layers of travertine wall that suggest a tenuous threshold between the outside and the inside. The detailing is deliberately minimal and precise to enhance the simplicity of the massing and the juxtaposition of solidity and transparency. The narrow blocks that house the living area, the thick stone cladding, multiple levels of gardens and water bodies ensure that the house remains cool in the tropical environment, well ventilated and washed in soft daylight.
The three dimensional composition of voids, layers and solids creates spaces for both quiet reflection and family interaction, something for each mood and moment.”

Photos by: Jeremy San 
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The Willow House in Singapore with Garden Roof

Thursday, February 27, 2014
The Willow House in Singapore with Garden Roof
singapore sustainable home
Singapore base architect, Guz Architects has developed a contemporary house located in Singapore where gets tropical area and the sun always lights along years in this location.
This Singapore house built for a family who needs fresh air and wind experience. This house tries to take advantages of the blowing wind by doing the roof construction for allowing the rough wind flows inside. Almost of Guz Architects's creation places green rooftop, luxurious pool and wonderful garden. The unique glass pool with full of water decorates garden and able to be enjoyed from terrace. The Willow House also put them down to decorate exterior for supporting environment healthy. Sustainability for a long time house and the plants included maximally as possible constitute aspects that being a characteristic of the architect's design. Other houses also apply this concern as well as Rattan House that it applies special garden and environmentally friendly material, Tanga House that planting on rooftop and wonderful pool beautify the exterior also interior, Fish House that interior and exterior have adaptability to environment and Meera Sky Garden House that being inspirational house for green home design.

The Willow House in Singapore by Guz Architects:

“We tried to take advantage of it’s hilltop position by opening up the building plan to make the most of the prevailing breezes and of what little wind there is in Singapore.
Orientation and massing of the house was instrumental in encouraging those breezes.
We always wanted this to be a home with soul, so designing spaces where a family could live together and interact was always part of the brief, and hopefully the design reflects this. We have tried to draw nature in as much as we can in the relatively dense urban environment of Singapore.”
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 Photos by: Patrick Bingham Hall